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How To Post A Video

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How To Post A Video Empty How To Post A Video

Post  Brian Mon 22 Dec 2008, 19:27

You enter the code for a video from Google or YouTube and all you see is code which can happen to many people. When this occurs, you have to have HTML ticked to yes in your profile preferences for it to work correctly.

When the forums HTML is set to on, it should work for everyone. However, for some reason administrators have to make sure that their HTML is ticked yes in their profile preference settings for it to work.

So just turn it on in your profile preferences and your good to go. Don’t feel bad this happens to most people when it's there first time on a new forum.

Should you as a member have this problem which you shouldn’t, do the same as above i.e. make sure yes is ticked against HTML in your preference settings.

One other thing you may have to do to enable video's to attach and play, is to tick "Disable BBCode in this post" in the "Options" section below the message window.


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