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REME Past Present Site Managerial Procedures & Constraints.

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REME Past Present Site Managerial Procedures & Constraints. Empty REME Past Present Site Managerial Procedures & Constraints.

Post  Brian Wed 05 Nov 2008, 06:22

REME Past and Present Site Managerial Procedures

  1. Managers (Administrators) and their assistants (Moderators) will be elected by the incumbent managerial team.

    A Managerial (Admin) post becoming vacant, or another manager being required, a notice will be posted in a thread entitled, ‘Election of Manager’. Advising the membership that, “A shortlist of people is being drawn up; anyone wishing to be considered for inclusion should inform one or all of the management team". Appointees will serve a probationary period as assistant managers (Moderators) prior to eventual elevation to full manager. Any member with genuine objections to any appointment may register his/her concern(s) by E mailing any or all manager(s) privately, the concerns thus raised will be placed before the full management team for due consideration

  2. Managers are responsible for maintaining the discipline and protocols of the site as laid down on the home page and group etiquette. They have the authority to delete a thread or posting and will post a reason for taking such action, unless it is one of their own. Exceptionally, any manager present on site may block access to any member, of either full or associate status, who is knowingly and flagrantly breaking the sites simple rules and protocols. This action must then be justified to the entire management team and either upheld or cancelled at their discretion. The member thus affected will have to approach management directly by E mail(s) to appeal any such decision to maintain the blocking of access for any period of time.

  3. Membership will be either Full or Associate. Full membership will be granted to current or former serving soldiers of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Associate will be those with a close affiliation, i.e., other Regiments, Corps, and Armies, and immediate family of ex Members of REME.

  4. Repeated or blatant breaches of site discipline will be dealt with thus. Where practical, a warning by private E mail will be issued, if this is ignored, a public warning will be placed on the forum. If the breach is of a very unpleasant or malicious type, an individual Manager may use his discretion to remove the offending item(s) and temporarily deny site access to the offender, an explanation of this action will then have to be placed on the forum and the full management team will debate the removal of the restraint, or its long term/permanent implementation.

  5. Members can only be permanently removed from site access by full managerial consensus and a prior warning will normally be issued. Except in circumstances where the site may be deemed to be at risk unless immediate action is taken to curb the perceived excesses by the offending member. Associate members will also be given a warning where practical but may be denied access wholly at the discretion of any manager on duty if they flagrantly flout site rules. The duration or permanence of any denial of access will be at the discretion of the full management team. Management must take copies of any offensive thread or responses they remove from the forum, so that any subsequent consideration of the action taken can be examined fully and at leisure, in order to allow proper and due debate as regards any final decision by the full management team. A member or associate member may appeal any decision by contacting any or all managers and registering his/her protest. Comments on such decisions on threads are another option always open to all members. Any member or associate member may ask for a clarification of actions taken by management against any other member. This is to ensure open and honest managerial responses and protect the principle of stewardship as enshrined in the website since its inception.

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